Tips for Mothers that have a newborn baby

Here are some tips for moms that have just received their bundle of joy.

1. Soothing the baby

To comfort the baby, pat the baby on her back in a rhythm that is similar to that of their heartbeat. This is especially useful when it is crying. Insecurities or burps can also be cured with this method. If this method doesn’t help in any way, hold the baby and swaddle, shush or let her suck her thumb for a while. In some instance, you’ll need to apply all the above in order to make the baby feel comfortable.

2. Latch

Some babies may have an issue when it comes to breastfeeding, and in these situations, you may use a breast shield as the baby may have problems latching on. This is only a temporary measure as the baby will eventually latch on without any issue.

3. Prepping for the future

After a while, you’ll be able to predict the baby’s behaviour, and hence, you’ll have more time to concentrate not only on the baby but also yourself. Stress levels, in these cases, can be reduced by readying everything in anticipation of the baby’s requirements. For instance, after you have fed the baby, you can start and finish preparing its next meal. While doing so, you also need to mind your requirements as well. Water should be near you at all times so that you won’t lose time in the middle of the night. You will have time for yourself in the morning since the baby will take naps regularly.

4. Feeding

To let the baby sleep for longer stretches between feedings, make sure that the baby is awake during each feed. You needn’t be aggressive, all you need to do is stroke its cheek. Doing so will help the baby sleep longer and thus, better your own sleep during the night. This will also help you stay calmer and healthier as well.

5. Father-baby bonding

It is essential that the father also gets his fair share of time with the baby. Do this, and you’ll have some time for yourself and even accelerate the bonding process between the father and the baby. It will also prepare the baby to be with someone other than the mother. This can be pretty hard during the first few weeks as the baby will cry a lot. But you need to resist the urge to make her stop as the father also needs to learn how to handle their offspring.